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The Last Leg

Hey all, welcome back to My Feminist Voice. As you all know if you've been keeping up with my updates, I started this blog to generate engagement and share my thoughts on the many feminist issues that used to and still do affect the world we live in today. The purpose of doing so has been for my Social Media and Activism Project in my Women's Studies course this semester. The due date for our finalized project is tomorrow and while I think I am going to be taking a break from blogging (at least for now) I wanted to share with everybody who's been reading and commenting the anticipated results of this project and how this blog plays into it.

I have always been one for originality. Especially when starting a creative project such as this one, my goal is always for my project to stand out. Even in high school, I would deliberately choose to write on the most challenging essay topic simply because I knew significantly less people would be doing it. I always want to do somethin…

Feminism and Race

Hey friends, welcome back to My Feminist Voice. I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your busy lives to listen to what I have to say. Today, six days after the senseless murder of George Floyd, I feel compelled to start a discussion about the intersection between gender and race. The truth is that systems of oppression are linked to one another in our world. There is a connection between racism and sexism whether you believe it or not. These issues affect all of us whether you're black or white, straight or queer, young or old. But privilege is not black or white. It's a spectrum, which is how each system of oppression relates to one another.

Some people say you're either privileged or you're not. However, I don't believe this is the case. Some may be MORE privileged than someone else, but it isn't a yes or no issue. For example, I as a white Canadian am privileged on the basis of my skin color. I've never been stopped by mall security when leav…

The High School Dress Code Concept

Hi friends and welcome back to My Feminist Voice! It's been a busy last couple of days with things going on in my home life and catching up on other class work, so I haven't had the chance to post recently but I'm back with a new one now. Tonight we're going to be discussing something very close to my high school heart; the dress code.

Anyone who knew me well in middle and high school knew how infuriated I was by the dress code implemented by our schools. I grew up in the Calgary Catholic School District, so it's possible our dress code was stricter than those in public schools so perhaps this doesn't apply to all schools. But in my school, not every teacher/staff member was strict about the dress code. Most kids knew which teachers and administrators were "dress code enthusiasts" and many of us tried to ensure we didn't cross paths with them when we could avoid it.

School aged children are obviously between the ages of 5 and 18 years old, so natu…

Jensen's Feminist Voice

If you're seeing this post, I would like to officially welcome you to my brand new blog, My Feminist Voice! Sooo, I think it would only be proper to begin this introduction with a little bit about me. My name's Jensen and I'm going into my third year of studying education at the University of Calgary. I am 19 years old, and was born and identify as female. I was raised most of my life by a single mother along with a little sister here in the Calgary, Alberta area of Canada. Currently, I'm taking a couple spring courses to resurrect my GPA from the past year of quite a few rocky semesters, one of which is an introductory course in the field of Women's Studies. This course happens to be the reason I am writing this blog!

I am an education major, so this is an optional course for me, meaning I decided to take it purely out of interest. I personally believe women's studies is a topic everybody could afford to learn a little more about. I've already learned so m…